C.W.A.L.A. Getting Back on Track

Working For Blizzard - Greasy

It was a bright sunshiny day, and everything was just peachy, exept for the fact that there was a wiind of 20 miles an hour, but it wasnt tornadic,and it was raining harder than crap, which was odd seeing as the clouds werent blocking the sun.

Greasy strode into Blizzard H.Q. with a smile on his face, his hair actually done, and his teeth brushed.

"Hello M'am" he said as courtiously as possible.

"I would like to see the man in charge of employment."

"Well you cant" she said, "you're not old enough to get a job."

"I never said i wanted a job!" Greasy cried out, trying to sound outraged. "I'm his son, and his wife is in the hospital, i need to talk to him!" He yelled, trying to call forth a fake sob.

"Well i know for a fact that Bob doesnt have a son, nor a wife." She said without changing her tone once. "but heck, ill let you see him just because youre so cute."

"ugg" Greasy thought to himself regretting showering or doing his hair. "The last thing I need is a secretary thinking i'm cute" Greasy said aloud after she had directed him to the employment office.

Greasy knocked on the door quite a bit louder than he had intended to. As the man answered Greasy was quite surprised, the man was short, and had a lot of hair, which was very tangled and all over the place.

"What?" The man asked very grumpily.

"Well, I'd like a job," Greasy said, "I'm only eleven, so you can pay me less than minimum wage, I dont have any family, so no one will know that you are breaking child labor laws, and I'll do anything, I'll even clean the toilets, but I'll require a two hour lunch, at 4:00, just because I like lunches. Greasy exclaimed, panting heavily becuase he had said it all in one big breath.

"Sure" the man said, "Be here at five A.M. tommorow, to start cleaning the offices."

"O.K., bye" Greasy said, to the man who had appearantly fallen asleep standing up.

After Greasy had left, he pulled out a little transeiver and said, "oh yeah operation Greasy get a job and spy for CWALA alot so we can get the game and foil their diabolicaly evil plans of world domination and taking over the beer company's and making little children super villans, is a go."

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