C.W.A.L.A. Getting Back on Track

Greasy's First Kiss - Greasy

"Shut up you stupid girl!" Greasy screamed as he hurled a brick at the "stupid girl". "I don't even remotely like you, I think you are extremely ugly, so stop trying to flirt with me!"

The "girl" was one of the five persons he had seen run away from the walled in room when the kodo beast had plunged through it. The five had been following him in secret for three days after that, and had only yesterday revealed themselves to him.

It ends up that they were social outcasts from the surrounding cities, and blizzard picked them up, gave them shelter, if they would work for them at ridiculous rates.

Greasy was quite annoyed at the five. First, they had tried to "recruit" him into their fun little pro-blizzard group, and then one of them had somehow managed to fall for Greasy and had been flirting with him, extremely slowing down his work at blizzard.

'Look you moron girl, go back to your little "Head Quarters" or whatever you call that little shack, and go back to worshiping that evil corporation you guys think are so great, and leave me alone so I can get some work done and maybe do a little spying!"

The girl, who's name was Adria, already mad at the very likable Greasy ran out yelling "you are so dead, I'm getting you fired for spying!"

"NO!" Greasy yelled as he stretched his arm to block her path out of the room which was being remodeled because some sort of ape had wrecked it up a bit.

"I'll do anything, I'll do 3 days of your work, I wont say blizzard is evil for a whole day, just as long as you don't tell the head honchos I'm a spy."

"Anything, aye?" Adria said with a sly smile on her face. "Fine, kiss me and I wont tell anyone."

Greasy's body gave an involuntary shudder as the words reached his ears. "Her name and kiss should never be mentioned in the same sentence" Greasy thought looking into her hairy and pimpled face.

"No, anything but kissing you, anything! Greasy said trying to back away from the ever-approaching Adria.

"Nope, I'm telling the head dudes that you're a spy if you don't kiss me in one minute."

"Fine" Greasy said in a hoarse whisper, "But you can't tell anyone, nor can you brag about it, nor tell anyone I'm a spy."

"O.K. kiss me," She said closing her eyes and puckering her lips.

Greasy, slowly and stiffly walked towards her, turning ever paler and feeling like puking. As he leaned forward, his body gave an involuntary shudder and a very odd "UGHHHHHH" sound escaped from his mouth. He leaned forward, and then promptly leaned away from the anxious girl.

"I'm waiting," she said with a small tinge of happiness.

Again Greasy moved in, but again his body shuddered and he backed off. Then a third time he tried, but still he backed off. The fourth time he moved in, he was determined to kiss her and be rid of the stupid girl. He was back at the shuddering, but before he could back out she lurched forward and planted her lips on his. It was too much for Greasy, he tried to pull his face away from hers but she had put her arms behind his head and was holding his head there. Greasy was very annoyed and sickened, sickened just enough that he puked, she, who had wrenched his lips open somehow, was greeted with a sudden surprise of puke entering her mouth.

Greasy finally getting his head away from hers, puked all over the ground, then ran to the window, hopped out and ran to where he had parked his little pod for getting unto the cruiser.

When he was almost to the Cruiser in his pod, he remembered that they were being attacked by the protoss.

Thinking fast he put on his space-helmet and opened his door/hatch and jumped out onto one of the enemy corsairs. Landing gently do to the lack of Gravity, he punched through the glass and Grabbed hold of the toss pilot, the toss being taken by surprise, was slow to react, which cost him his life as Greasy took hold of a blade and thrust it deep into the Toss' heart. Grabbing hold of the controls he began firing at the toss ships. He had taken four ships down before they realized that one of their own ships was attacking them. Fortunately the CWALAers had started firing with new heart and had taken out most of the enemy. As the last corsair went down, a protoss carrier came flying up with its slow flowing gait.

Greasy opening his hatch, turned the corsair towards the carrier, setting the weapons to don't stop firing, he put it at full speed, and jumped out towards the cruiser, watching in amusement as the carrier was hit and imploded.

The hatch opened for him and as he climbed into the Cruiser and related his story to Thorkos, who laughed a good one as he told about the puke.

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