C.W.A.L.A. Getting Back on Track

New Recruit - Kalledon

Kalledon sat behind the desk, flipping through the channels. Do to his injuries while on Argoth, he had been assigned to the Recruiting and Petitioning office CWALA had set up in Irvine. It was a rather dull job, but someone had to do it. He stopped on one of the news, intrigued by the report.

"Blizzard Headquarters was attacked today by a group of terrorists."

Kalledon checked his CWALA planner. "Nope, no attacks were scheduled for today, and there are no signs of mass destruction, so it can't be CWAL either."

"The group claiming responsibility has labeled themselves as CWALOMT or Can't Wait Any Longer One More Time. They claim they are trying to steal, I'm sorry, rescue the Diablo III CD from Blizzard. Blizzard denies that such a CD exists. In other news…"

"Interesting, must have been some of the people we didn't take into CWALA," Kalledon glanced over at the stack of resumes that had been rejected. "Better let Patriot know about this." Kalledon turned on the communicator to the battlecruiser. "Spade, can you patch me through to Patriot."

Spade was the name they had given the computer ship's computer after Thorkos and Droit had finished giving it artificial intelligence. Droit had even managed to give the computer some personality, but it still needed some tweaking.

"HEY KALL!" Spade was always excited. "How are things going on down on Earth? Up here it's kinda dull, but guess what Droit told me, and oh you should have seen the mess Zeta made trying to cook dinner. And did you know that Koala Captain has had over 30 cups of coffee today! I can't…"

"Spade!" Kalledon rolled his eyes. Droit needed to turn Spade's enthusiasm down a little bit. "Can you just patch me through to Patriot."

"Right oh!"

"Patriot here, what's up Kall?"

"Well, according to the news another CWAL organization has sprung up. They say they are trying to get Diablo III. Don't know what this means for us, but I figured you should know."

"Good thinking, anything else to report?"

"Not really, Irvine's pretty quiet today. Hold on, someone just came in. I'll get back to you in a few."

Kalledon turned off the communicator and eyed the man that had just come in. He was fairly tall and had a canister rifle strapped to his back. "Can I help you?"

"My name is Brayam. I wish to offer my services to the CWALA organization. By fighting for you I hope to build a respect for ghosts. Blizzard and everyone else takes us for granted."

Kalledon eyed Brayam, then the stack of rejected resumes, then Brayam's gun. He definitely did not take it for granted. "Welcome aboard. You just need to fill out these papers and you'll be all set. We have a shuttle that runs out to our base coming at 3 or you can wait till 6 when I leave here."

Brayam looked at the pile of papers he was holding. It wasn't exactly what he had been expecting, but then nothing ever was. He shrugged. "I guess I'll go with you at 6. These papers could take a while."

Brayam moved over to a chair and began to fill out the papers. Kalledon went back to watching TV.

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