C.W.A.L.A. Getting Back on Track

TLM's Decision - The Lone Marine

As he looked at his torn up tank hanging around in portbay #5 he started to think he would never fix it. He then heard the door slowly creak open. It was Zeta.

"You want some dinner?" asked Zeta

"Sure why not. I'm starvin," replied TLM

Soon he was sitting down at a rather large and cramped table eating what he thought was spaghetti

"Well I have two announcements to make." said Patriot "there seems to be a new terrorist group out there. They say they're after the Diablo III CD.

"They actually have that?" asked guardian

"I guess so," replied patriot. "Well my other announcement is that we have a new member. I'd like to introduce, Brayam."

"Hello Brayam." said many people at the table

"Now TLM I want to ask you a question." said Patriot

TLM finally looked up after trying to snag a loose strand of spaghetti

"Well we need to know if you're going to join CWALA. So are you?" asked patriot

"Nah. I'm mainly a loner. But I will make a deal with you." replied TLM. "If we're ever near each other and we're in trouble, we'll go help each other."

"Sounds good enough lets shake."

So they both shook hands and then TLM went off to port bay #5 to see what he could do with his tank.

On his way there he thought to himself" the Warcraft 3 CD will be mine soon."

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