C.W.A.L.A. Getting Back on Track

Plans and Preparations - Kalledon

The room was a buzz with chatter. Everyone in CWALA was present. They were all sitting around a large round table. The war room, as they were now calling it, had finally been finished. Now they could easily coordinate all their plans. Patriot motioned for everyone to quiet so he could begin the meeting.

"First of, I'd like to welcome everyone to the War Room. From now on, we will be having all our meetings here instead of the lounge. Now, on to business. As you all know, Greasy has been working covertly within BHQ. He is one of their main janitors, and has access to almost everywhere in the building. He has also made contact with a group of misfits within BHQ. Perhaps with some persuasion we can get them to help us as well."

Thorkos smirked at something he was thinking and winked at Greasy. "I have an idea. Al we have to do is have Greasy ki…"

Greasy stretched his arms to wrap around Thorkos's mouth. "What Thorkos was trying to say is that I'll negotiate with them."

Patriot raised his eyebrow, but left it at that. "Kalledon, Adoc, and Guardian. All of you are still on the injured list, so you won't be receiving any assignments for a while. I want all of you to rest yourself so we'll have you when we need you.

"Oh goodie," Kalledon sighed, "I guess that means I'm still positioned at the R&P office."

"If we can get back to the matter at hand," Patriot glared at Kalledon, who shrugged. "Koala Captain and Eunichron. I want you two to lead your squads on an assault on Blizzard. We haven't done anything to them in a while, and I want them to know we're still around. Nightsorrow, Conan, Couch Man, and Lazy Lad will provided support for you."

Eunichron looked gleeful at the prospect of causing some damage, while Captain just blinked before going to sleep. Couch Man clapped Lazy Lad on the back. "Villainy has gone unchecked for to long. We shall soon put it in its place."

"Droit," Patriot continued. "I want you to go with Greasy the next time he goes to work. You can hide inside his backpack. When you get inside, I want you to try and talk to the main computer and see if you can access any of its files on Warcraft III or anything else you think might be useful. Spade could you…"

"HI GUYS!" Spade's voice bounced around the room. "So nice to see everyone today. Aren't we just one big happy family? I mean, when was the last time we all got together? We should do this more often. Maybe have a family night and play Scategories or maybe even…"

"SPADE!" Patriot yelled. "Could you just bring up a schematic of BHQ?"

"Ok fine," Spade sounded very morose. "I can tell when I'm not loved. All I want to do is help and this is they way you guys treat me."

"The schematic," Patriot rolled his eyes.

A 3D holographic image appeared over the table. It showed layer by layer the levels of BHQ.

"This image was patched together based on Greasy's research and our various raids on BHQ. Unfortunately, do to the constant amount of damage that CWAL and we cause to the place, the building is constantly changing its structure. Droit, you'll probably have to make a few adjustments once your inside. To the best of our knowledge, the main computer is located here."

Patriot pointed to the center of the schematic. Droit glanced at it, and then went back to playing with his slinky. Patriot briefly wondered why the slinky looked so familiar, but brushed it aside to continue with the meeting.

"Thorkos, how are repairs to the BC coming?"

"Actually, all the repairs are finished. I'm currently working on some extra projects. Zeta and I are trying to install a cloak field for the ship. There was a lot of scrap parts from the protoss fleet that attacked, and I'm looking in to adapting it to improve the BC. I've contacted CWAL to see if they have any suggestions, some of them being protoss and all, but no one has responded yet."

"Good; keep me informed on the progress. Brayam, you're the newest member, and I don't know your potential yet. I want you to try and find out some more information on this CWALOMT."

Brayam nodded his head. He was eager to get to work.

"Everyone else," Patriot decided it was time to wrap up the meeting. "You are free to your own devices. Try and make them productive."

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