C.W.A.L.A. Getting Back on Track

A Divergence of Paths - Kalledon

"We've waited to long to act," Kalledon slammed his fist down on the table. "Blizzard has been on Argoth for too long, and still we sit here on Earth. I realize that some of us will have to stay here, but someone needs to do something."

"Calm down, Kall" Patriot tried to be soothing. "The rest of us are just as upset about Blizzard being on Argoth as you are. But your dimension travel spell isn't exactly full proof, and Guardian is still trying to stop Baal and Diablo."

"Not anymore," Guardian strode into the lounge, followed by Zeta, Conan, Curious_Zergling, and Eunichron. "We shouldn't have to worry about those demons again."

"How did you take care of the?" Adoc was surprised at how quickly they had accomplished their goal.

"It was really ingenious," Eunichron jumped in, eager to explain. "First we convinced Diablo and Baal to come with us on an attack on Blizzard. I was kinda sketchy on that but it turned out okay in the end. Anyway, then Guardian transported all of us inside of the Warcraft 3 play testing. There was a rather large battle, and in the end, Diablo and Baal were so beaten up, that Guardian easily trapped them back in their own dimension."

Eunichron stopped to catch his breathe. Everyone else looked appraisingly at Guardian.

"I released them, I took care of them," Guardian tried to sound modest.

"Guess that means Droit can stop hiding," Ironfist laughed.

"Now that everyone is back," Patriot reined the conversation in, "lets get back to business at hand. We have to missions at the moment. First, as always, we have to recover War3. Greasy has all ready planted himself inside BHQ as a janitor."

Greasy looked very pleased with himself and did a number of stretch flexings to keep amused.

"The other mission," Patriot continued, "is to rescue Argoth from Blizzard. Guardian, you're the only with strong enough magic to accurately transport us to Argoth, so your in charge of that mission. Kalledon, you and Adoc will also be traveling to Argoth since you both wish to protect your home. Who else will go with them?"

Conan, Ironfist, and Lord Nightsorrow raised their hands.

"Okay then," Patriot nodded, "you guys prepare to travel to Argoth. Everyone else, lets start going over what we're going to do about Blizzard here on Earth."

Editor's Note:
The stories about the events on Argoth can be found in the category "The War For Argoth." These stories take place at the same time as the rest of "Getting Back on Track's" stories but they have a different plot line, so they were separated.

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