C.W.A.L.A. Getting Back on Track

Zeta? - Zeta

The brain is very complex, it has a lot of “Departments” that allow the best source of energy and the best solution to whatever problem. Zeta looks at the ceiling, looking at Patriot giving a briefing on the mission that they are about to undertake. There don’t seem to be any idea from anyone sitting down at the lounge to recover the Warcraft III CD. Zeta stands up from where she is previously sitting and walk out of the lounge, she is very confuse, and a lot of problems just seems to be stuck in her head. She continues walking until she reaches a spacious hall at the end of the cruiser.

She looks around and locks the doors, and she sits down in the middle of the room, and meditates. Her robotic hands supporting her internal bone structure seems to have done their work. She plays with the various buttons on it and came to an option with nothing written on it, she hesitated for a while, and finally decided to press it. Zeta activated the unknown option, and suddenly she felt herself to be lighter.

She felt something that she never felt before, it is a bit painful, but she can handle the pain, she closes her eyes, as if she knew what is going to happen to her. The button seems to be able to transport her to anywhere she wants to go, and it will disintegrate herself to small atom particles, and gain access to anywhere she wants to go. Zeta materializes in front of a building; a bright glaring light surrounds her as her body reconstructs itself.

She reopen her eyes, only seeing vehicles delivering sodas and pizza boys going in and out of the building. She looks up to see a familiar logo, Blizzard. Upon the sight of the blue logo, she felt pain in her head and the vision from her past returns. The eyes returns, the pair of blue taunting eyes returns, Zeta looks up and ties her long hanging hair. She looks up again and walks into the lobby of Blizzard.

The receptionist and the guards saw the menacing character walks into the lobby and proceed to ask for her identification, Zeta just look into their eyes and he three of them just crumbles to their knees crutching their heads, they look to be terrified, and their blood-shot eyes seems to portrays what they are going through. Zeta seems to smile through her seemly firm and evil face, her blue eyes becomes florescent all of the sudden as the situation that is seen in the guards’ eyes becomes apparent.

-=Zeta’s Illusion=-

The blizzard reception area swirls and twirls and appears the world of Zeta’s mind, Zeta morphs into their worse nightmare, she has incredible powers, holding them by their neck and suffocates them, the third one is petrified and he is scratching his face and trying to hide, but Zeta seems to be able to catch him no matter how fast or how far he runs. The sky is black and the ground, wait a minute, what ground, there is no ground, it is a dark abyss from there.

-=Blizzard HQ=-

Zeta smiles as she continues her way towards the lifts, she look back at the 3 terrified guards still having their hallucinations. She look at the lift and presses the button, then a group of 5 guards holding rifles rushes into the lobby all of them are aiming at her. Guard A, “Hold your hands up, and don’t you move a bit you bitch”. Zeta look at the Guard who is speaking, and coldly expresses herself, she said, “You know who are you talking to?” Zeta after speaking her mind, she walk slowly to the guard the guards still hesitating to fire, she move in close to the guard and with her lips close to the captain’s lips, she spoke, “You are talking to…. a bitch”, she give the captain a kick in his groin area, and he crumbles to the ground in pain.

Guard B then moves back a little and shouts, “Hold it! Or I’ll Fire!” Zeta turns around seeing the rest of the guards holding their rifles ready to fire. She just slips her hands back to her hair and untie it, and speaks with intense coldness that freeze the guards in their tracks, “You guys seen any Bitches more beautiful then I am?” Zeta then jumps and kick the nearest guard’s face and send his rifle right into her hands, then she continues speaking while she fire the rifle at the other guards, “Kill, Kill, Kill, I want to be Joel again, not Zeta, I want to survive and live, and you guys are in my way, so die!”.

Each of the guards fall down dead, Zeta turns to look and swings her hair back as she licks some of the blood that has found it’s way to her lips, just then the lift opens the door, and what she did is enter the lift and enter level 5, which is where the CEO is.

-=Battle Cruiser=-

Meanwhile patriot wakes up from the snores of the others in the lounge, and when he is about to get himself more of the coffee he discover that Zeta is not present. He look around the Cruiser to find her, until he reaches the hall, and discover that the hall is locked. He breaks the Hall open only to find that it is empty, the only thing he found is some feathers and some long hair. He also found some blue liquid on the ground, not knowing what to do, he rushes back to the lounge for help.

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