C.W.A.L.A. Getting Back on Track

Where Is Slinky? - Kalledon

Droit floated down the hallway. He had just finished talking with the ship's computer and he had discovered that the Baal and Diablo problem had been solved. He could stop hiding from Guardian (well, he might hide anyway, just for good measure). He saw Patriot run down the hall carrying a feather and some blue goo. 'Humans have weird hobbies.' As he passed a window he spotted something drifting outside the ship.

'That kinda looks like a slinky.' Excited at the prospect of finding a new toy, Droit glided over to the air lock and went outside. Quickly scooping up the slinky, he returned to the ship to better study it. It appeared to be an ordinary slinky. But what was a slinky doing floating in outer space?

"Computer," Droit's chirps were incomprehensible to anything but a computer. "Did you see this slinky approach the ship?"

The computer acknowledged that it had.

"Where did it come from?"

The computer responded with beeps and whirls.

"It just appeared outside the ship?!" Droit was very excited. "It must be an extra dimensional slinky. I haven't seen one of these since…well…never. I wonder what dimension it came from? Maybe Zeta or Thorkos can tell me."

Droit drifted off in search of someone with answers.

-= The Lone Marine's =-

"Helloooooooo," the CEO whined from inside the closet. "Is anyone there?"

He couldn't hear anything outside. Maybe they had left him? 'How could they?! Long is definitely getting a pay cut for this one.' The CEO began pressing on the door with his legs, trying to force it open. 'I must escape and find Slinky.' Slowly but surely, he managed to wedge open the door and slid out. Exhausted from all the unusual exercise, the CEO looked around the room.

The place was fried to pieces, and there was a large hole in the ceiling. 'Somebody launch a rocket out of here?' Fear grabbed his chest. What if Slinky was in all that rubble. The CEO began to frantically dig through the debris.

A few hours later, a rather grubby looking CEO exited the building. 'Where is Slinky?'

To be continued…

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