C.W.A.L.A. Getting Back on Track

Outer Space - The Lone Marine

YEEEEEEHAAAAWWWW!! yelled the very excited marine.we've finnaly made it into space!he jumped up and forgetting about the no-gravity he banged his head against the cieling."OOWWW!" Long started to laugh and TLM kept rubbing his head while mumbling under his breath. "Mellisa are there any ships near our vicinity?" "yes there appears to be a class 5 battlecruiser to the left of us. What shall we do?" "Send out one of your robots for a closer look.","deploying now.","i'd imagine that would be the CWALA ship." said Long. "ah the CWALAer's, i've finaly found you."

=======the robot===========

as the robot hurried through space to get closer to the battlecruiser he saw a small robot much like himself come out and retrieve what appeared to be a slinky.When it got close enough it started taking pictures from every possible position.it then turned around to head back for the ship but intercepted something on the way there.it then turned it's UV vision on and saw a cloaked ship.he started taking pictures of it to and then headed back to the ship.

=======TLM's ship==========

"robot back." said Mellisa."put what it saw up on the screen." TLM ordered. It went through all the pictures and eventually they got to the strange vessel the robot had encountered."what the hell is that thing?" TLM asked."my ship." "HUH?" "Thats my ship!" "Yours?" "yes mine! now if you could can you drop me off near it?" "sure Mellisa head over to Long's ship." said TLM "you better get in the air lock cuz this is gonna be a driveby." "right." said Long. He then hurried to the airlock. "oh and Long." "yeah?" "if i ever find slinky i'll get it to ya and thanks for helpin me." "not a problem and make sure you get that slinky to me." they both laughed a bit and then Mellisa said "Passing by Long's craft in T minus 37 seconds. "cya" said TLM as he pushed the airlock hatch open button letting Long jump out and onto his ship.

===========Long's ship===========

As he jumped out of the tank he hit his ship with a bit of a thud."oooph." he then climbed in and started back down to earth to deal with the CEO.

==========TLM's ship=============

"close hatch door."he ordered and shortly after he saw a ship heading back for earth."ok then.let's get acquainted with the CWALAers.well get you acquainted anyway.i know most of them from my spyin days back on earth." he then shut his eyes and dozed off with a small bruise on his head.

TO BE CONTINUED............

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