C.W.A.L.A. Getting Back on Track

Zeta Part 2 - Patriot

Editor's Note:
This story and the previous ones are taking place while the Argoth expedition is assembling. Since those CWALAers have not yet left, it is possible for Adoc to be in here.

Zeta emerged from the elevator, her blue eyes glinting like steel. Guards hastily crouched down the long corridor, using the doorways as cover. The corridor echoed with the sounds of weapons being cocked, rounds loaded into chambers and safeties being hurriedly clicked off. None of the guards fired, they just crouched there, nervously fingering their weapons. They waited for the order to fire on this intruder but unfortunately the commander had forgotten his beeper and had run back to the office to find it.

Zeta contemptuously wiped some of the blood from her face, and strode forward to destroy any that would stand between her and the precious Warcraft III CD. The guards raised their weapons and sighted towards Zeta, but suddenly froze as they came under her mental assault. She continued walking down the corridor passing between the motionless guards without giving them a second glance. Roper’s office was just ahead, her life’s goal in sight. She would grab Roper, and use him as a shield till she could grab the Warcraft III CD.

But before she could reach Roper’s gold embossed door, she stumbled, the strength suddenly leaving her legs. She tripped and fell, her psychic assault on the guards abruptly ending. The guards momentarily dropped their guard, looking around, unsure of what had just transpired. Zeta used the guards’ momentary distraction to scramble to her feet, she was exhausted, but she was so close to Roper she could not back down now. There were only a few guards between her and the door; she dashed towards the first guard slamming the heel of her palm against the guards nose, dropping him instantly. The guard just behind the first rallied in time to raise his weapon, but didn’t see Zeta’s reverse spin kick that knocked him unconscious. The third guard attempted to use his rifle as a club swinging it at Zeta, which she caught with a free hand. She slammed her shin into the man’s groin felling him in a wheeze of pain. She yanked the rifle from his limp grasp and fired on the fourth and final guard between her and Roper’s office.

She tossed the rifle aside triumphantly only to be tackled by the recovering guards whom she had just passed. She fought, but was soon overpowered. As unconsciousness swept over her, she gave a mental cry of anguish. She had been so close, but she had failed in the end. The guards, having finally subdued the intruder raised their rifles to finish her off.

“No! Wait,” Rob Pardo emerged from his office. “She may posses valuable information for us.” He said with the sleaziness that only certain villains could pull off effectively. “Take her to the holding cells, in sub-basement C. I believe cell block 1138 shall do nicely, until I am…ready for her.” With that he turned and slammed his office door behind him.


Patriot scrambled down a passageway in the battle cruiser, something was wrong with Zeta. He wasn’t sure how he knew this, but he knew, and that was enough for him. He had found some blue viscous substance, and had stored it in a small vial, intuitively knowing that it was also important. “A vial and a white feather, a feather just like…” his thoughts trailed off. “Stay focused.” He muttered to himself as he ran. He stuffed the vial and the feather both into the nether, knowing that he would want to study them more at some point.

He ran to the nearest hanger and without pausing hurled himself out of the ship. His crimson trench coat whipped out behind him as he plunged face first towards the ground. He released his mind from the confines in which he usually kept it, his eyes losing their humanity, replaced with the golden glow. The trench coat faded from this plane of existence and his wings unfolded out behind him. His fall immediately slowed and he gave a slight grunt as the terrific force caught his body. He leaned forward, coming out of his momentary glide and falling once more in a dive.

As he neared Irvine he began slowly spiraling into ever-larger circles, slowing his decent. “Where are you Zeta?” He thought as he flew over the city. As he reached Blizzard Headquarters, he knew she was there. He landed upon the roof, wondering about the best way to go in, BHQ invariably held more expendable guards than any other building in existence.

“So how shall we enter my friend?” Adoc said, moving from the shadows.

Patriot nearly slammed his fist into Adoc before he realized who it was. “You really need to work on announcing yourself a little better Adoc. One of these days I may take your head off before I realize its you.”

Adoc grinned, “I am more than capable of defending myself. Now please, how shall we enter.”

Puzzled at Adoc’s appearance Patriot turned once more to face the problem. “I’m not really sure, I believe they are holding Zeta down there somewhere.” Seeing Adoc’s questioning look Patriot quickly added. “She’s alive, at least I think she is, but I don’t know how long she will remain that way. We must move quickly.”

Adoc turned and walked to a small box on the roof, he pulled his gleaming blade from the recesses of his robes. He made a few expert slices and the box shell fell away revealing a ventilation duct. “After you.” He gestured to Patriot who stepped forward. Patriot’s wings fell away and were replaced by the crimson trench coat in an eye bending transformation. Patriot sat down on the vent and pressed his arms against the opposite walls, using the force to hold himself up. He began sliding slowly down the vent, alternating between using his feet and arms, when one became exhausted. Above him Adoc was making his way down the vent with much greater ease.

After an eternity of sliding down the air duct, Patriot stopped. He just hung there bracing himself in the duct, listening. “This is it Adoc, this is the floor she’s on.”

They exited the vertical shaft for a horizontal one that followed just above a dark, poorly lit passageway. When the time was right, Patriot removed a small dagger from the nether and made a few slices into the thick metal. He cut at an angle so the plating would not fall to the corridor below. Instead he lifted it up and shoved it further down the vent. Patriot dropped lightly to the floor below scanning in both directions – no guards. Adoc dropped just as silently to the ground and together they made their way down the passage. The passage opened up into a guardroom, a few computer terminals, and three other branching passageways. Patriot and Adoc retreated into the darkness of the hallway and turned to each other.

“Shall we fight our way through the guards?” Adoc asked.

“Yes…wait no! I’ve got an idea.” Patriot said grinning

Patriot and Adoc walked into the guardroom, Adoc with his hands held tightly behind him, Patriot guiding him along with a pistol to his side. The captain of the guards stood up from the console and looked Patriot and Adoc over. “And where are you taking this…thing?” He inquired of Patriot.

Patriot did his best to look official. “Prisoner transfer to cell block 1138.”

“Very well, I shall have to verify it.” With that the guard turned to the computer and began entering keys. “Yes, well it appears as though you are correct, carry on.” Patriot looked at Adoc, surprised that it had worked.

“Thank you sir, I’ll just drop this scum off in his cell.” Patriot growled, getting into his performance. They passed by the guards and moved toward the hallway where Patriot knew Zeta to be.

“You FOOLS!” The captain of the guard shouted. “Did you not stop to think that we too had seen Star Wars!?!” He and the rest of the guards leveled their guns at the two. Quickly, Patriot pushed Adoc into the cover of a cell doorway, Patriot falling against the door on the opposite side. The cover was poor, but was satisfactory. The guards it appeared had very poor aim. Patriot tossed Adoc a pistol and drew another of his nether weapons. Returning fire, they caused the guards to scatter for cover.

“You stay here! I’ll go get Zeta, and we will bust out of here!” Patriot shouted over the roar of gunfire. Adoc nodded and began laying down suppressing fire while Patriot began inching his way down the hall to Zeta’s room. Finally he reached it but it was bolted tight, and he did not have the key. He aimed a mental blast at the door, timing it with the blow he gave with his elbow. The thick oak crumbled under the initial impact and a few successive blows brought the rest of the door down.

Zeta looked up from where she lay on the cot on the far end of the corridor, she looked a bit dazed and bruised, but it seemed she would be fine. “Aren’t you a bit short…” she mumbled trailing off.

“Huh? Oh you’re drugged, it’s Patriot, I’m here to rescue you. I’m here with Adoc.” Zeta perked up a bit and tried to stand, she stumbled, falling against the wall. Patriot went over to her, placing an arm around her to support her. “This is not going to be easy with a drugged Zeta.” Patriot half carried, half dragged Zeta to the door where the firefight blazed on. “Adoc! Get back here! She’s drugged!”

“It’s a mind repressor” Zeta managed to slur. “They are keeping me from using my dog…no…my…powers…yeah…my powers…”

Patriot leaned out the door and gave cover fire as Adoc slid along the wall till he was across from the cell holding Zeta and Patriot. Finally Adoc was able to leap across the hallway unscathed. “Adoc, talk to Zeta, see if you can get her thinking straight.” Adoc took Zeta from Patriot’s support and carried her back to the bunk. Patriot leaned out the door and poured fire towards the guards who had begun encroaching upon the hallway. “You better get something straightened out quick, we’re gonna be in trouble soon.”

Patriot loaded a new clip into his pistol and leaned out the door, firing some more suppressive fire. Adoc crossed the short cell and shouted to Patriot. “She says there are some sort of steroids she needs, if she can get a hold of those, she could…transport us out of here. She thinks there may have been some on the battle cruiser left

Patriot nodded quickly, “Yeah, I think I know what she is talking about.” Opening the nether he reached into the nothing, his hand disappearing up to his wrist. He pulled the vial out. “Is this it?”

“Exactly!” Adoc replied carrying it back to Zeta. Patriot’s pistol jammed and he dropped it into storage and instead withdrew an assault rifle. He returned to his defensive posture while Adoc administered the vial. The guards were slowly inching their way up the corridor, despite the intense cover fire Patriot aimed towards them.

“We are running out of time.” Patriot shouted as he shucked another empty clip out of his rifle.

“Then it is time for us to leave.” Zeta said, from where she stood next to Patriot.

“A quick recovery.” Patriot commented. “Do what you must, I shall continue to hold them.” Patriot knelt to the ground and Adoc leaned out above him adding his fire to the mix. Zeta stepped back to the center of the room and knelt on the floor, her eyes closed. Patriot felt a breeze behind him as though something marvelous was happening behind him. But he could ill afford to look away from the on coming guards.

“The way is opened, we may now leave, but you must come to me.” Zeta called.

The guards were just a few feet from the door now, just one cell away, using the doorframes for cover. “Adoc back, I’ll hold them for a few more minutes.” Adoc fired off the last few rounds in his clip then backed away from the door. At the same instant Patriot ran out of ammo, realizing now was the chance, a guard emerged from a nearby cell and came sprinting towards Patriot. Patriot dropped the rifle, reaching into the nether. He pulled forth a small dagger just as the guard fired, hitting Patriot. Patriot fell back against the far side of the doorframe, his breath knocked from him. Patriot leaned forward and hurled the dagger, which buried itself to the hilt in the foolish guard.

Patriot slumped to the ground and his vision suddenly blurred. He
vaguely felt himself being dragged before he lost consciousness and
slipped into the darkness. When Patriot came to he was on a bunk in the lounge, his shoulder tightly bandaged. Adoc was sitting across from him. “Looks like your going to make it, then.” Adoc said with a grin.

Patriot grunted, “Had worse. How did we…” Patriot trailed off.

“Zeta used her mental powers to lift you to us, and then once she touched you and myself we appeared here on the battle cruiser. You lost quite a bit of blood, but it looks like your going to bounce back in no time.” Adoc said.

Patriot nodded, “Yeah, I heal quick. So everyone’s back safe and sound?”

“Yeah, we did good. Get some rest my friend, we will be returning to Blizzard soon, and you will need to be healed by then.”

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