C.W.A.L.A. Getting Back on Track

Unexpected Visitor - The Lone Marine

As he slowly strolled through space towards the CWALA battle cruiser he was still sleeping and occasionally snoring. He then slowly opened his eyes and noticed how near he had gotten to the Battle cruiser

"Wow. How long did I sleep for?"

"Exactly 4 hours 33 minutes and 28 seconds." said Mellisa

"It was hypothetical."


"Ah well how close are we to the battle cruiser?" asked TLM

"We have at least 400 yards to go."

"Well let's get there a little faster. Activate the main booster and get us moving a bit faster."

The room filled with the same sound they took off with and they were cruising towards the battle cruiser. Then silence soon filled the room.

Suddenly and surprisingly a very familiar Koala popped up.

"Explain yourself. Do you want to join?"

"Nah I jus need a lil refueling."


"Oh brother."

"ZZZZZZZZZZZntck...huh..ok right. Opening port bay #5. Continue and we'll have someone out there to help ya," said the koala in a sleepy tone

"Ok. Mellisa get us in that port bay."

"Right away."

As the slow tank entered portbay #5 it heard the door starting to creak shut.

"Better hurry." he said as he felt a metal crushing sound.


"Damage report. It's gotten the door and the tank stuck in place."

"Well let's go see what we can do from here," said the slightly annoyed marine.

He then grabbed 2 of the 3 robots and his gauss rifle and put on his marine suit. After that he headed towards the port bay door and entered the airlock then the hall. On his way down there he found Droit.

"Uh hi?"

"Hi do want to play tag?"

"Umm, no."

But before he could answer Droit was on his way down the hall and took a right turn at a fork. TLM rolled his eyes and started off after the little robot.

"HEY come back here!"

Suddenly one of TLM's little robots started beeping and jumping.

"What the h*ll?"

"WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT ME?" said Droit. "I am not fat! You are!"


"You really will take it back if I take you to the others?"

"beep, Beep."

"Oh all right follow me."

TLM stared at his robot and the he started to follow Droit. When he got to the lounge he saw a strange blue portal near the back.

"Oooooh. pretty light."

TLM starts to walk towards it just as his robot gets in another fight with droit. the other robot stays with TLM as he walks through the portal.

=====Argoth, Rebel Camp======

Ironfist looks at the ceiling and starts to think about all the good moments in life and guardian just stands there. then a bright light flashes and in the middle of it a form takes shape. As the bright light ends a very confused marine looks around and asks.

"Ok....what the h*ell just happened?"

"That's what I would like to know," asked Guardian.


As Zeta was on her way to go help out TLM in port Bay #5 she noticed a small robot and Droit fighting. She then heard a slight electrical charge coming from the back. When she saw she was stunned. The portal to Argoth was overloading and as soon as she turned around a bright flash soon filled the room. When Zeta opened her eyes again the portal was gone and a black marking was where it stood. she then hurried off to go tell the others on board completely forgetting about the tank in portbay #5.

Editor's Note:
TLM now crosses over into the War for Argoth timeline. To find out what happens to him next, click on the War for Argoth link. You may also want to read some of the War for Argoth stories to catch up on what those characters have been doing.

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