C.W.A.L.A. Getting Back on Track

Greasy's Day Out - Greasy

2 weeks of hard, slave labor work had done its job on Greasy. He had huge purply bags under his eyes for lack of sleep, when he walked his arms stretched down to the ground and hurt his knuckles.

When he went to Blizzard at five a.m. and got to the Battle Cruiser at 1:30, it gave him roughly 3 hours to sleep a night.

So far Greasy hadn't found anything that was at the least interesting, let alone nothing to do with Warcraft three.

Greasy was on his 14th day their, on the first floor of the Blizzard complex, pushing his mop/bucket full of water/ thingy on wheels to clean up a mess that an overly large bio/kodo beast had left behind. "Ughhhh this stinks more than that rotten old thermos of milk I left in my lunch-box over the summer." Greasy said as he plugged his nose and prepared to clean up the mess.

Greasy had mopped up the giant puddle, and shoveled the crap into a big black bag to spread on the lawn for fertilizer, and was about to clean the crap off of the Kodo Beast's rear end, when the huge beast reared up, and smashed through the wall on a rampage.

It had taken down three walls, and was still running. It ran through another, and another. When he had broken through a rather large, steel looking wall, Greasy saw that the newly broken into room had no doors, nor windows, and it had five occupants.

An electric blue light escaped from one of the occupants' hand, which was holding something Greasy couldn't see in the light. The jolt hit the beast and stunned him. then the four others jumped up on him and hit a few crucial pressure points and bam. He was out cold.

The mysterious people jumped down, and upon seeing Greasy jumped, as if they were startled. After getting over their momentary shock, the one who shot the beast, shot at Greasy. But Greasy thinking fast stretched a hole through his stomach, and the electric bolt merely passed through the hole, and burned a deep hole in the wall behind him.

The mysterious men saw this and scattered, leaving no trace that they had ever been there.

Greasy, a little confused got the beast awake and led him to the bio detainment center, where he was put to "sleep".

Greasy saw his watch, seeing it was 11:00, he walked to the main floor and out into the night, to board the almost deserted battle cruiser.

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