C.W.A.L.A. Getting Back on Track

Protoss Attack - Guardian

CWALA lounge***

With the recent events that had come about rather quickly, the death of so Ironfist, the destruction of Blizzard's portal and much injury, the world had finally given the CWALAers a break and they sat peacefully in their lounge sipping at their coffee. Panda man was enjoying a shoot of bamboo that he used to pick his teeth after it was nibbled down to size. Kalledon was just chatting away to Adoc and Conan about what had happened in Argoth. Pictures of Ironfist hung all over the place in memory.

"So when do you think we should start back up on our pursuit of Warcraft 3?" Guardian inquired as he stared down at his spellbook, which he had purchased off of a night elf at the revelries after the war.

Patriot looked oddly at him, "Not really sure, I think we should give our people some time to rest up before we continue. Adoc isn't in very good condition. Panda man much of his fur while riding with the burning hot dragon. And well, we should rest up a bit." He stated plainly.

Suddenly, a large booming voice of Curious echoed through the room, "Blizzard has launched a counter attack upon our battleship, everyone go to battle stations formation 1.1 All able arms are to report immediately to the front of the ship!"

"It seems, whenever I feel I can relax and sit back, someone brutally points out there is work to do. Time to save the world again." Patriot muttered as he went off at a run ahead of the following team. The clear and loud sound of corsairs flying through the air echoed along the corridors as the ship shock under the onslaught. Guardian and Kalledon both suddenly dropped their jaws open as they felt the extreme amount of energy emanating from the ground below. The feel of... High Magi and Dark Archon! With the sense of gamers, they smiled. For they also sensed far greater, the power of the CD they held. And they both knew what it was... The Warcraft 3 CD!

"Blizzard and their folly, it seems the protoss has mind controlled parts of Blizzard and now has their hands on the sacred...WARCRAFT III! YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!"Guardian shrieked out in one long breath of exulting joy.

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