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1. What is CWALA?

Operation CWALA stands for Can't Wait Any Longer...Again. Founded in October 2001 by Patriot, the purpose of the organization is to recover the Warcraft III CD from Blizzard Entertainment and release it to the public.

2. How are you different from CWAL?

Operation CWAL was founded in 1997 to recover the Starcraft CD from Blizzard. They are the grand idea behind our organization. We consider ourselves to separate organizations, though character and plot cross-overs do sometimes occur.

3. Why do you write stories?

Why not? It is a great way to pass the time, and most of us have a lot of fun doing it. Did anyone every ask Shakespeare or Tolkien why they wrote? Okay, so someone probably did, but that's not the point. We write because we want to and nothing more. If you can't understand that, too bad for you.

4. How can I join CWALA?

Go read the Joining Instructions.

5. Whose in charge of everything?

Well, if you believe in some sort of omnipotent being (God, Allah, Budda, etc.) then him. As far as CWALA is concerned, we take no prominent stance on religion. Everyone is free to follow their own choice.

6. I meant whose in charge of CWALA?

I know what you ment, I just enjoy teasing. As to whose in charge of CWALA, thats a complicated question. Patriot is considered to be the "leader" of CWALA since he founded it. However there isn't a specific person in charge of everything. We all work together to make the CWALA experience come alive.

7. Who runs the website?

Currently we have 2 web administrators, Kalledon and Zeta. Kalledon does most of the archiving and updating, while Zeta works on graphics. CWAL also sort of runs the site since they are the ones hosting us.