The Grand Finale

An End to it All

Darkness covers everything. An eerie silence makes the darkness even more consuming.

Labyrinth's voice whispers softly, "Wow this is really creepy."

"Quiet," Patriot shushed. "The narrator is about to start."


"Never mind, just be quiet."

A third unknown, yet strangely familiar, voice begins. As he speaks, the words appear in the darkness and begin scrolling by.

"CWALA, Episode 214…"

"I counted," MajinEX's voice squeaked out.

"QUIET!" The words disappear as the strangely familiar voice (SFV) shouts. After a few moments of silence he begins again and the words return. "After nine grueling months of…"

"I don't know if I'd call them grueling," Greasy's voice interrupts. "They're was some fun."

"FINE! After nine long months of waiting, the moment of glory is almost upon the forces of CWALA. The weeks of battling with Blizzard and pouring over computer screens…"

"Don't forget the thousands of gallons we went through in coffee."

"And drinking lots of coffee," SFV sounded very resigned, "have finally paid off. Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Warcraft 3 will finally be released to the public. Though there was much rejoicing at the news, all is not well. Unbeknownst to our heroes, something evil is brewing."

-- Kuza --

Kirtgor was not feeling well. Docking in front of him was the terran dropship carrying Blizzard's representative, Marn Thunderhorn. He had arrived to oversee the final preparations for the Warcraft 3 release. Kirtgor gulped as the bay doors opened and Marn Thunderhorn stepped onto the tarmac.

"Lord Thunderhorn," Kirtgor rushed up to the giant tauren, "I am honored to have you grace us with your presence."

"Your scaly hide cannot possibly fathom true honor." Marn didn't even look in Kirtgor's direction. "Do not belittle the word's meaning by attempting to use it. I come because the Roper feels the CD's will not be completed on schedule."

Marn didn't wait for Kirtgor to respond and began walking toward the factory. Kirtgor had to sprint to keep up.

"But he asks the impossible. We simply don't have the manpower to meet the deadline. We need more time."

"Then you can tell him that when he arrives." Marn slowed as he spotted one of the kuzak workers.

"The Roper is coming here?" Kirtgor gulped again. "We shall double our efforts."

"I should hope so. The Roper is not as forgiving as I, and I'm pretty unforgiving."

To demonstrate, Marn swung his giant warhammer down on top of the kuzak worker, reducing him to a pile of jelly. Kirtgor tried to refrain from fainting, then paled when Marn wheeled on him.

"Now go tell Kitrokk to get things moving."

Kirtgor sprinted away and didn't look back.

* * *

Kitrokk grimaced as Kirtgor burst into his office. Pieces of the kuzak Marn had destroyed were still clinging to parts of Kirtgor's body.

"I take it Lord Thunderhorn is here?"

"Yes sir. He plans to make sure we meet the July 3rd deadline."


"Sir? How can you be pleased? Production was set back after the initial CD was stolen and we've just managed to catch up. Plus CWALA is bound to show up sooner or later and ruin everything."

"Everything is going according to plan, Kirtgor. We want CWALA to come. For when they do, we shall destroy them. Then nothing will stop us from spreading the mind controlling CD's everywhere. As we speak, things are falling into place."

-- Ironfist, War Room --

Patriot had assembled every CWALA'er that was accounted for. Only Ziktaar was missing.

"As you all know, Warcraft 3 is scheduled to be released in three days. Now we all know that Blizzard has to be up to something. They wouldn't just up and suddenly decide to release the CD. They could have done that months ago."

"Perhaps they feel the hype has finally grown big enough," Adoc suggested.

"More likely the pizza bill for the programmers was getting too high," Greasy whispered in Labyrinth's ear.

"This is Blizzard we're talking about people," Patriot remained impassive. "They're up to something and we have to figure out what. As a secondary mission, we also need to figure out what happened to Ziktaar. Janus and Guardian, I want you two to do some scrying and try to locate him."

"No problem Pat," Janus patted him on the shoulder. "We'll have him here in a jiffy."

A loud pop echoed through out the room and Ziktaar appeared in the center of the room. Unfortunately he appeared about five feet off the ground and proceeded to plummet straight through the table.

"Damn," Janus was shocked. "I knew I was good, but not that good."

"He guys," Ziktaar managed to pull himself out of the rubble. "Have I got news for you."

"How about you start with where you've been for the past couple of days," Kalledon help Ziktaar to his feet. "Check that, how did you just appear here?"

"I was on Kuza and you'll never believe what I saw. They have a huge plant that they're using to produce thousands of Warcraft CD's. But they aren't just any CD, they have mind controlling messages placed in them. Once I had discovered all this I took an extra dimensional tunnel back here. Let me tell you, I won't being doing that again any time soon."

"So that's what Blizzard in planning," Patriot tapped his chin thoughtfully. "Are you absolutely positive on this?"

"It wouldn't be the first time Blizzard tried mind controlling," Ariana didn't give Ziktaar time to respond. "They tried it way back with the release of Starcraft too."

"Kinda unoriginal for them," MajinEX tried to brighten the mood.

Ariana just shrugged. "When you've been around as long as Blizzard has, I guess you eventually just run out of ways to take over the world."

"In any event," Patriot all ready had a plan forming, "we need to destroy those CD's. Ziktaar, what kinda of defenses can we expect if we attack."

"Well, somehow the kuzaks managed to get a hold of a terran battlecruiser. They've dubbed it the Goldfist, probably to try and mock us. It hangs in orbit over the planet so we'll need to sneak by that. Then once we're on the planet we'll have to deal with the hundreds of kuzaks that are working at the facility plus any undead guards Kitrokk, their leader, has summoned."

"Looks like we have our work cut out for us," Patriot grimaced. "All right people, start collecting your gear…"

"Uh Pat," Kalledon interrupted, "what about finding the actual CD? One without any mind control implants. We need to find that in case we can't destroy the mind controlling ones. It'll act like an antidote. My guess is the CEO has in on him or at least very near to him."

"Hmm, good point. In that case we'll have to divide our forces. Ziktaar, Conan, Couch Man, Lazy Lad, Nightsorrow, Legacy, Ariana, Janus, and L33t will go to Kuza. Ziktaar knows the layout best so I'm placing him in command. The rest of you start preparing for an assault of BHQ. Anything else?"

Ziktaar raised his hand. "Aside from Nightsorrow, none of us have much experience dealing with the undead. I think it would be beneficial if we brought a long a paladin to help us."

"And exactly where are we suppose to get a paladin," Guardian's tone was very sarcastic. "They don't just drop out of the sky."

Something clicked in Patriot's memory. "Well, I might know someone."

Kalledon stared at him as if he'd lost his mind. "I hope your not thinking what I think your thinking."

Patriot just shrugged. "We don't have much of a choice, we'll have to get help from the Rebellious People."

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