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The Living
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• Brayam
• Conan
• Couch Man
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• Droit
• Eunichron
• Greasy
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• Labyrinth
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• Lord Nightsorrow
• MajiEX
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• Zeta
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• Ariana
• Panda Man
• Thorkos
The Dead
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• Ironfist
• Kalledon
• Legacy
• Patriot
• Theca
• Ziktaar
  The Living: "Giving the good fight."

Assassin    (Back to Top)
  A half drow female, she is the understudy of Panda Man. After Panda Man left CWALA, she joined up. Her skills are currently untested, but Panda Man has faith in her abilities so the rest of CWALA is willing to give her a chance.

Brayam    (Back to Top)
  Based on a terran ghost, Brayam is a loner. He uses small psychic abilities and his excellent weapon training to assist CWALA. Though he prefers to do freelance operations, he can work in a team if necessary. Brayam joined CWALA because he wanted to earn respect for ghosts everywhere.

Conan the Barbarian    (Back to Top)
  Tall, powerfully built and a barbarian to the core. As he so succinctly put it: "I wear a loin cloth, take orders from no one, and eat with my hands". His reason for helping the CWALAers is still not readily apparent, but at this stage the chance to crack some evil heads seems most likely. Extremely powerful in combat and sometimes seen riding a horse, Conan is a man to be feared when things get violent.

Couch Man    (Back to Top)
  (See also Lazy Lad)
A powerful force for good and smiting using his Couch of Power™. His father was killed by evil Blizzard shock troops and Couch Man has sworn revenge against Blizzard and all evil-doers in Irvine City, California. Little is known about Couch Mans appearance, but due to his humble yet hardworking beginnings, he is likely to be a fairly tough young man especially when aided by his couch. His couch is an amazing creation, created with the enchanted wood from the Tikery-Too Tribe, the skin of an abominable snowman, stuffed with the fluff of the pyramids and nailed together with a set of cheap nails which were on special at his local hardware store. Not entirely sane this character is righteous and a good source of humour in his ever-questing for justice.

Curious_Zergling    (Back to Top)
  About the size of a pony, six legs, lots of spikes and protrusions and incredible agility making curious_zergling a fearsome opponent in combat. However he is rather distracted most of the time due to intense curiosity and blatant disregard for militant authority. Is extremely fond of the grey ooze (embalming fluid) used by Phasmus to raise his mummified servants, which has a slight psychotropic effect. Enjoys hanging around the CWALAers because they are a highly entertaining group of people and exciting events are always in motion. Has a token of respect for Patriot and is fond of Greasy due to his unique odors.

Droit    (Back to Top)
  Only one foot in height, don't let this little guy fool you. He is a highly advanced cybernetic being from another dimension. Appearing to be an average robot looking robot (well as average as robots look at one foot), he can perform several tasks. Droit has the unique ability to talk to any computer, and I mean ANY computer, in the same fashion humans cominicate with each other. He is quite often found coversing with TV's, automatic doors, and the occasional turbo charged power pistol. Droit also has the ability to generate a small anti-gravitation field about himself, thus giving himself the ability to fly. Though he is still technically a part of CWALA, Droit has become a bit of a freelancer of late.

Eunichron    (Back to Top)
  (See also Marmosets)
Eunichron is a powerful fighter and not one to shy away from battle (in fact, chances are he'll be the instigator). Combined with his small army of attack marmosets, he is not to be underestimated. Eunichron is also the main driver of the group, he personally owns a black custom 1971 Boss 351 Mustang.

Greasy    (Back to Top)
  A very grubby 11-year-old boy, with a fondness for a 3-foot length of PVC pipe. A very disturbed past is hidden within his jumbled and confused mind; one that he tries very hard to ignore. He has a talent for digging through the dirt and a rather indiscriminant appetite. Do to a freak accident involving the ingestion of large quantities of blue goo and a rather powerful electrical shock, Greasy now has the ability to stretch and squish his body much like a gumby doll.

Guardian    (Back to Top)
  A mysterious Elvin mage. He originally joined CWALA as a mercanary, but quickly became another member of the team. He is CWALA's main magic user and is quite deadly with his spells. Though he tends to be a bit arrogant towards the rest of the CWALA'ers, deep down he really does care for them.

Janus    (Back to Top)
  His appearance is that of a man of above average height, he has pale skin and a slender build. He has pitch black eyes, even the whites. He appears to be in his mid thirties although this seems to change at times. He has a very angular face with a shock of short, white hair that sticks out at odd angles. He wears a black cloak and underneath a dark grey tunic and black pants. There is a series of runes tatooed in a concentric circle around his right forearm, he wears an unadorned bracelet made of jade around his left wrist.

Known as the master of Portals, he is an enigmatic figure and his reasons for helping CWALA is to enact vengeance on Moriden, a fallen Angeli who has usurped some of Janus's power. At the end of the Angeli War he remained with CWALA, and it is uncertain what his plans for the future are.

Koala Captain    (Back to Top)
  (See also Koalas)
A rather sleepy koala characterised for taking naps in the middle of short conversations and always searching for a more invigorating dose of caffeine. Not to be underestimated as his stealth capabilities are surprisingly good. Few expect to find a toy Koala and thus are quick to disbelieve their eyes if they see one, giving him ample time to escape. He also leads a small squad of commando koalas.

Koalas    (Back to Top)
  (See also Koala Captain)
A small group of commando koalas, these guys are occasionally used by CWALA for raids. When necessary, these guys pilot CWALA's squadron of wraiths into battle. Though most of the CWALA'ers were a little apprehensive at first, Koala Squadron has proved that it can make quite a difference in most battles. They can be extremely aggressive and are afraid of nothing...except zerglings.

L337 5p34k M4n    (Back to Top)
  L337 for short, this deranged character always speaks in l337 speak, hence his name. Due to some random, and amusing, accidents, he has quite a warped sense of reality. Often believe himself to be a superhero, he will hurl himself from buildings or step in front of cars. Though he gets banged up in the process, he always seems to walk away with nothing more than a few scratches.

Labyrinth    (Back to Top)
  A somewhat small, timid 20-something year-old. He loves mazes, and has an uncanny sense of direction. He is a college student and has a remarkable talent for preparing good coffee making him an invaluable addition to the team. Appearance wise he is inconspicuous suggesting average height, average build and fairly average looks. Loves to fly CWALA's ships, even though he crashes them more often than not.

Lazy Lad    (Back to Top)
  (See also Couch Man)
Also referred to as Lazy Boy, he is Couch Man's trusty side-kick. Mainly joined Couch Man in his struggles because he needed a place to stay. Able to wield recliners and other couch related furniture with deftness and skill.

Lord Nightsorrow    (Back to Top)
  "The greatest undead warrior to walk the Earth once again." He has joined CWALA because Blizzard has delayed his chance at glory. A handy addition to the group during close combat situations. He also has a small grasp of magic, mostly used for casting defensives spells.

MajinEX    (Back to Top)
  The self-proclaimed "sexy" member of the CWALA Company, he has long blonde hair, generally has a couple days worth of unshaven stubble, and is usually wearing sunglasses. His charms with women are legendary and can be useful in distracting female guards (should this ever arise). Currently he is the leader of CWALA do to the fact that both Patriot and Kalledon died during the final battle to claim the Warcraft 3 CD.

Marmosets    (Back to Top)
  (See also Eunichron)
Eunichron's self trained attack squad. These fuzzy guys are very useful to CWALA as they have a tendency to be the deciding factor in many fights. Armed with rail guns, machine guns, and anything else Eunichron can get his hands on, they are a force to be reconned with.

Zeta    (Back to Top)
  Zeta is not really human; her parent did not exists in the first place. She is a product of a laboratory, which concentrates on merging various human DNA to produce a "product". This laboratory had learned that there was a race of humans called Ancients, with super natural strength and telepathic powers. However, the race has been extinct a few million years. Somehow the scientists, led by a scientist names Gasit, got hold of some fossilized DNA and reconstructed Zeta with a NanoDevice. At the age of 20, Zeta was finally released from the laboratory and went to live in a small town under the alias of Joel. One day, a local store caught on fire. Zeta attempted to rescue her friends inside, and in the process burned her arm and leg horribly. Luckily Professor Gasit was visiting at the time and he was able to construct robotic replacement parts that also augmented Zeta's power. Zeta tries to go back to a normal life, but the lab guards, which apparantly work for blizzard, have been ordered to terminate her. She naturally fights back, but is unable to keep her power under control and raizes the entire town in the process, killing everyone. Zeta joined CWALA to seek revenge on Blizzard for the hurt they have caused in her life.

Retired: "Living off the fruits of their labor."

Adoc the Voiceless    (Back to Top)
  A Night Elf Demon Hunter who came to CWAL Prime originally to join Operation CWALA during its attempt to claim Warcraft 3. After Operation CWALA disbanded he set off to the Shadowlands to continue his life mission of fighting demons.

He is armed only with twin magically enhanced cresent blades. Coupled with his demonic powers, incredible agility, and well-honed muscles, he is a force to be reconned with.

Currently he is in Britain helping the Newbie Patrol hunt down a group of Burning Legion soldiers.

Ariana    (Back to Top)
  Originally a member of CWAL's Newbie Patrol, Ariana joined CWALA for reasons known only to her. Mysterious and aloof, she was never quite understood by her fellow CWALA'ers. After the Warcraft 3 CD was acquired she returned to CWAL's Newbie Patrol.

Panda Man    (Back to Top)
  Hired by Blizzard's Samwise to pose for Warcraft 3 pictures, Panda Man feels he has been greatly insulted. Consequently, he has joined CWALA to take revenge upon Blizzard. Though he undestands the english language, he cannot speak it. Instead, he communicates by writing. At the end of the Angeli War, he decided to settle down and open up a shop in Angelista. Perhaps he will return to help CWALA in times of need, but for now he is happily living out his life, retired.

Thorkos    (Back to Top)
  (See also Kollin Reed)
Thorkos has been far from the coolest kid in the bunch from the start. All his life, he's been "the nerd" or "the smart kid" with no real friends and nothing to do. When he turned 13, he delved into the world of computers to find some release from the torment most people called his life. Rapidly developing his skills in the field, Thorkos was approached by Kollin Reed to join his gang of computer hackers. After Thorkos developed a program to take down any security system, codenamed "Cerberus," he and Kollin got into an arguement over who should have it. Thorkos feld the gang and eventually made it to California into an apartment in Irvine. With no money or friends, he took a job in a dingy little music store selling horrible metal music to half-baked poser stoner kids. On a particularly normal night alone in his perfectly kept, but dive apartment, he heard the sound of sirens off in the distance. He sensed that his time had come. Not really having anything to call his own, or anything special about him, he donned his traditional black Bowler and set off into the night toward the sounds. A computer genius, Thorkos can be relied on when it comes to all things involving computers. His self-effacing nature tends to mask his real value to the group. Though CWALA was like a second home to him, Thorkos decided to leave in order to chase down Kollin Reed. His current wereabouts are unkown, though he is believed to be somewhere in Canada.

The Dead: "Your memory goes on."

Aceth    (Back to Top)
  (See also Theca)
Theca's clone, he was cybernetically enhanced but otherwise the same. He burned up in Earth's atmoshpere while fighting with Theca over who was the better of the two. (Random Old Men)

Ironfist    (Back to Top)
  Ironfist was always the average Joe of the group. He is a drifter, moving through life more on whims than a purpose. He accidentally put on some magical gloves which turned his fist into incredible fighting weapons (he really is an iron fist). Unfortunately, the gloves also placed an curse on Ironfist, aging his life force rapidly. Not wanting to die from some curse, Ironfist struggled with what to do. His answer came to him in the story Sacrifice where he chose to give up his life to save the other CWALA members from a giant Infernal.

Kalledon    (Back to Top)

Kalledon was considered to be CWALA's second in command. Appearing to be a Night Elf Druid of the Talon, Kalledon was actually quite skilled in both magic and hand-to-hand combat. Unfortunately, neither of the skills could save him we he was forced to sacrifice himself to destroy a Protoss Dreadnought by crashing the Ironfist into it. (CWALA Finale)

Legacy    (Back to Top)

The first and only human demon hunter, Legacy was some what of an oddity. His skills differed greatly from night elf demon hunters, but he was still a valuable asset to CWALA. After CWALA broke up, he went to the Shadowlands with Adoc. Later he travelled to Scotland where he finally met his end during a huge conflict between the forces of the Burning Legion and Chaos. (When Demons Collide, Part Three: Wrath of the Maelstrom)

Patriot    (Back to Top)
  The leader and founder of CWALA, Patriot always strived to protect his friends. After losing his twin brother (prior to the forming of CWALA) Patriot vowed to never lose another friend or loved one. Courageous, patriotic (as his name suggests) and possesing the powers of the mystical race of Angeli, Patriot was a forced to be reconded with. During the final raid to secure the Warcraft 3 CD, Patriot sacrificed himself in order to save the rest of CWALA. (CWALA Finale)

Spade    (Back to Top)
  Created by Thorkos and Droit, Spade is a supercomputer that runs the terran battlecruiser that CWALA uses as its base. Spade can run all the ships operations if needed to, and he is highly intelligent. However, due to the fact that Droit did most of his personality programming, Spade is quite moody, swinging from super enthusiastic to insanely jealous to incredibly depressed and so on. The only problem with being a ships computer is that when the ship blows up, so does the computer. (CWALA Finale)

Theca    (Back to Top)
  (See also Aceht)
Appearing to be a short old man, Theca went through life using his dice to tell him what to do. He died by burning up in Earth's atmosphere fighting his clone, Aceht, to see who was better. (Random Old Men)

Ziktaar    (Back to Top)
  Genetically engineered by Blizzard, he has human, ancient, and reptilian DNA. During the assault on his home planet Kuza, Ziktaar betrayed his CWALA friends because of Blizzard's brainwashing. After battling with his innerself, he was able to save his friends, but at the cost of his life. (CWALA Finale)