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Assassin's Guild
Psychic Indian Cows
Rebellious People
  Angeli    (Back to Top)
  Humanoid in appearance, this species of Earthlings is denoted by its angelic wings. White wings denote a wizard while red wings denote a warrior. Their strenght and mental capacities are superior to other humans and they have established a city for themselves in a pocket dimension known as Angelista.

Assassin's Guild    (Back to Top)
  A guild of assassins that resides in Irvine, CA. They have no hierarchy of leadership due to a recent uprising within their ranks. Their actions are chaotic and generally evil. No one knows what their plans for Irvine or the rest of the world may be.

Blizzard    (Back to Top)
  The main bad guys. These are the main target of CWALA and conflicts often arise between the two organizations. Holding the precious Warcraft III CD, they are the head of many nefarious deeds and schemes. They are the embodiment of evil, suffering, and general naughtiness. Despite their terrible powers, many of their employees (including the CEO himself) seem to be lacking in the common sense area.

C.W.A.L. a.k.a. Can't Wait Any Longer    (Back to Top)
  Founded several years ago, this organization made it their goal to rescue Star Craft from Blizzard's cluthces. Their ideas are what led to the formation of CWALA. Some of their members occasionally pop in to help out the CWALAers.

C.W.A.L.A. a.k.a. Can't Wait Any Longer Again    (Back to Top)
  Established by Patriot to gain the Warcraft III CD from Blizzard, it is motley crew of characters ranging from small robots to giant barbarians. Though its members are diverse, they generally get along together. The main protagonists in the story line (and the reason we're all here) this organization is ready to go the distance.

Kuzaks    (Back to Top)
  A race of lizard men hailing from the planet Kuza. They are in the employment of Blizzard, and are one if its greatest manufacturers. Why they work for Blizzard has yet to be determined. In addition to being a good source of cheap labor, the kuzaks can form a formidable fighting force if need be. Their home planet was destroyed by CWALA during an assault to destroy Blizzard brainwashing Warcraft 3 CD's. It is unkown if any are still alive.

Psychic Indian Cows    (Back to Top)
  The cows that humans so readily feed upon and herd are in fact dumbed clones of the Psychic Indian Cows. As their name suggests, the Cows come from India, where they keep themselves hidden away from the world. To prevent discovery, they create the modern cows that you see in everday life. The Cows abhore violence and when they discovered Blizzard had created a special level in Diablo II, strictly for killing sentient cows (evil or not) they decided it was time to take an active role in the world. They travelled to Irvine with the intent to destroy Blizzard, but were delayed by the Flaming Trolls of Doom. Though the Cows managed to chase the Trolls out of Irvine, they were left to tired to attack Blizzard, and retreated to their home to recover.

Rebellious People    (Back to Top)
  A chaotic group of violence lovers founded by The Lone Marine. They don't fight for anyone in particular and in general just seem to take fun in causing destruction. One thing they are after, is the Warcraft 3 CD (but then, who isn't these days?).