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Allies (CWAL)
Allies (Independent)
  Brimbane Scalewing
Enemies (Blizzard)
  Bill Roper
Flaming Trolls of Doom
Lab Coat Guy
Rob Pardo
The CEO & Slinky
Enemies (Independent)
  Kollin Reed
The Rebellious People
Laura Darkbow
The Brain
The Lone Marine
  Allies (CWAL)

Phasmus & Company    (Back to Top)
  Originally a member of CWAL, Phasmus branched off and and declared himself the Mayor of California. He is one of the true powers at work in the city. His spies are everywhere and information is his main business (apart from selling vital organs). His minions are reanimated mummies who trail grey ooze (much favoured by Curious_Zergling) and inspire fear and disgust (and hunger in CZ's case) in all who see them. Extremely intelligent, even diabolical, he is somewhat lenient to the CWALA Company, probably because they are amusing and because he can play them off against Blizzard to further his own schemes.

Allies (Independent)

Brimbane Scalewing    (Back to Top)
  A dragon of old, he has a vendetta against Blizzard for keeping him out of work since Warcraft II ended. His powers are great and he will help CWALA out occasionally, but he has yet to actually join them against Blizzard.

Enemies (Blizzard Entertainment)

Bill Roper    (Back to Top)
  A.k.a The Roper, this executive of Blizzard is very dangerous. He has the appetite of a dinosaur (and the health habits to boot). Though he appears mild mannered, his speed and strength can quickly overpower the unwary.

Flaming Trolls of Doom    (Back to Top)
  The enciters of the Flame War on the Warcraft 3 forum, this group of people took up arms against CWALA. Brainwashed by Blizzard and manipulated by a mind-control machine, they forced CWALA to flee the Warehouse it called it's home base and seek refuge in a captured Terran Battlecruiser. The Trolls were finally chased out of Irvine by the Psychic Indian Cows, but they may yet return.

Flensers    (Back to Top)

Blizzard's cybernetic war machines. There are actually several different types, but Blizzard mainly uses two.

Flenser Mark IV: Ground Unit equipped with multiple fire arms. Bears a slight resemblance to the creatures in the movie Aliens.

Flenser Mark X: Aerial Unit designed during the Angeli War to combat the winged warriors. Bears a resemblance to the gargolye units for the undead army in Warcraft 3.

GFraiser    (Back to Top)
  A top executive within Blizzard. This man deals out the orders and sits behind to watch chaos unfold. Truly a diabolical mind.

Jim    (Back to Top)
  A rather unhappy security guard working for Blizzard HQ who suffers the incompetence and evilness of his superiors with scarcely concealed contempt.

Lab Coat Guy (LCG)    (Back to Top)
  Blizzard's Chief Engineer. He is the creative genius that designed the flensers and all of Blizzard's other war machines. Though he is now partnered with the Brain, he considers himself the smarter of the two.

Rob Pardo    (Back to Top)
  The head of the Warcraft III delay team, this man is a mastermind. His power is second only to the CEO (and possibly Slinky).

The CEO & Slinky    (Back to Top)
  The slightly deranged CEO of Blizzard and his slinky which he consults for every decision. It is unknown as to whether the slinky is more than it appears, or whether the CEO is just stark raving bonkers (insane). Held in fear by his subordinates due to his unpredictable behaviour, he is a very strange character.

Enemies (Independent)

Kollin Reed    (Back to Top)
  (See also Thorkos)
The leader of Thorkos's childhood hacker gang, Kollin Reed is pragmatically evil. He will stop at nothing to recover the Cerberus program from Thorkos.

The Rebellious People

Jorn    (Back to Top)
  A human paladin from Argoth, he got roped in with the Rebellious people when TLM and Laura were dragged to Argoth. Though no one understands why he is with the Rebellious People, Jorn seems to enjoy being with the group.

Laura Darkbow    (Back to Top)
  One of the few Night Elf criminals, this chaos lover somehow ended up on Earth. She is your basic Night Elf archer, but with a love for random destruction.

Long a.k.a. ^DLH^|Long|    (Back to Top)
  A rather vulgar character, Long operates as a freelance operative. Though he originally worked for Blizzard, he has left the organization due to extreme disgust with its management (most noteably the CEO). He prefers quick unfair fights to fair drawn out ones. Armored with powerful suits built by nano-technology, he is actually quite quick and powerful, despite his heavy weight when in full gear. Attacks CWALA more out of a need to prove himself than anything else.

Terrance    (Back to Top)
  A footman from the Alliance army, he was dragged with Jorn into the Rebellious People under odd circumstances. He has a profound dislike for orcs, but is an otherwise decent guy, though his outlook on life and death have been somewhat morose ever since he was killed and then ressurected (thanks to Jorn).

The Brain    (Back to Top)
  Originally, he was one of Blizzard's top engineers. However, he has grown tired of the incompetence within Blizzard and decided to take up with TLM and Long.

The Lone Marine    (Back to Top)
  Though not affiliated with CWALA, this character also seeks to gain the Warcraft III CD. He is a loner as his name would suggest and it is unclear whether his intentions are for his own gain (probably) or for the good of everyone (probably not). Though he has helped CWALA in the past, he is currently opposed to them and considers them a threat to is goals. Having found himself to be not so much a 'lone' marine and more of a leader, he founded the Rebellious People.